Just watching Nightline tonight and they were talking about ancestry and race. The main aspect was that appearances can be deceiving. One man read the article about ancestry by DNA and was curious. He sent away for the test. He was surprised by the results...he thought of himself as a black man, but his DNA showed no trace of African blood. He was predominately Euro-Indonesian. After confirming that he was not adopted, he is leaning toward remaining black since it is his main source of reference.

The concept is very intriguing to me, but not surprising. In the US, anyone with a single African ancestor is considered black...however, the intermingling of different 'races' over several generations can lend several nuances.

A friend of mine has a mother who is Cuban and a father who is Jewish. When his sister applied for medical school, she checked off Hispanic to take advantage of being a minority - perfectly within her rights. Her mother was apalled, although my friend never said why. My friend identifies himself as Jewish.

Here's a link to the website if anyone is interested.

[link=http://www.ancestrybydna.com newwindow]www.ancestrybydna.com[/link]