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Thread: Skating & Gymnastics (Offshoot from Yuna/Orser coaching breakup thread)

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    Quote Originally Posted by janetfan View Post
    It seems strange, practically worthless to declare her innocent and not award her with a Gold medal.
    True, but according to archives of International Gymnast on Raducan, Amanar gave her the gold medal back, though it's difficult to tell if she has the "real" one and a "special" one, or just the "special" one.

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    Amanar had said she would accept the gold only to give it to Raducan and maybe she did it, but officially Raducan has not be aknowledged as the AA gold medalist of 2000, not even after the decision of court. So they stripped her of her medal, needed 10 years to say she was not guilty of the medication(doctor of the team was accused) and they dont make up for it. Yeah, ISU seems paradise union now..

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    Since the ongoing world gymnastics championships is causing me to watch gymnastics on youtube again, I thought I'd revive this thread with a look back at these two incredible gymnasts from 1996.

    While the Americans were nailing their floor routines in Atlanta to huge cheers, the Russian girls were falling apart on the beam.
    Then the sublime Svetlana Khorkina goes and nails her beam routine - completely un-phased by the uproar that Dominique Dawes was causing by nailing one of the best floor routines in the competition at the exactly the same time.

    Here, at the end of this clip, you can see Svetlana in the background while Dawes does her floor routine.

    And in this one, there's a replay of Svetlana, looking supremely unruffled by the cheering around her for a competitor. I just love her bar routine.

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    Congratulations to new ladies world AA champion Aliya Mustafina! Job very well done. Next year's World's with Komova turning 16 will be even more exciting.

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