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Did you not catch the inconsistency part? They could be winning in one event and totally bomb the next. Like Polina. Hilarious. Why do people get so defensive? :sheesh:

So? It's not about USA vs. Russia. This is 2010, we're not in the cold war era anymore, Lucky Star. Did you just watch Salt or something? .
It's hard at that age to be very consistent. Girls are growing very fast, their bodies change a lot, hormones and nerves are raging, pressure is felt, etc. Christina is consistent now but she's 16, and 2 years ago she was not very consistent or that good. Give these girls time and they may grow out of these inconsistent tendencies. And besides, it's only really Polina A and Anna that are inconsistent, Adelina and Liza are a little inconsistent but they never really bomb, and Shelepen is usually good about landing her jumps even if the rest of her performance is all over the place.

We's seen most of the up and coming Russian ladies perform on the JGP already. Adelina clearly the standout, Polina S was good on her jumps but her component marks show the rest of her skating needs work, Rosa skated quite well in one event and poorly in the other and has gorgeous jumps but presentation still needs work, Liza had moments of brilliance but let the nerves get to her and her marks were lower than most of us expected, Polina A had an off night but showed she still has the goods when it comes to her spins and 3lz-3t. I guess the only girl we haven't seen yet is Anna. Looking at Gao's and Sotnikova's PCS scores at this event, I tend to think Anna will be able to get very high marks on the JGP so long as she lands her jumps. I'm worried if her lack of a 3-3 will hurt her though, or maybe she has a 3-3 now. She is my favorite of all the young Russians, and very unique, but in this field, I hope she doesn't get lost in the shuffle.