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2 girls from USA, 2 from Russia and 2 from Japan.

Of course, Shelepen is the top favourit here ... but we have to wait with US girls will skate in the end.
The Japanese girls can be strong, but only can. So we have to look, because these are juniors, and you never now what will happen. The second Russian girl AFANASYEVA is also a real talented skater and can do really fine!
Maybe it works in Zijun's favor that she's in the last JGP. USFSA has already assigned and re-assigned their top juniors: Yasmin Siraj, Kristiene Gong, and Christina Gao. The remaining entrants, whether re-assignments for girls who've already competed, or new assignments, will likely not be as strong in that last JGP. Something similar with the Russians. Liza Tuktamisheva and Adelina Sotnikova have already been re-assigned to earlier JGP's. Polina Shelepen is obviously Zijun's strongest competitor in JGP Czech. Russia of course has a ton of other really talented skaters, but all of them are kinda unknowns at this point, both in terms of their int'l reputation/experience, and also their own consistency.
Also, maybe with a bronze under her belt, Zijun would be given (justly) more generous PCS at her next JGP.