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Totally agree. PCS too high for Gao. Why? Not sure, but I hope we will start seeing a change in PCS marks as the years progress. This is the weakest part of the system, and it makes it really much less exciting for spectators to watch when actual presentation differences of the skaters (how they did artistically in each particular program on a given night) are not reflected mathematically in the same proportion, relative to others on that night. Bummer.
PCS tend to be based somewhat on reputation. Where Christina is the reigning JGPF bronze medalist, she has a reputation with the judges as being a good/top skater. Zijun on the other hand was making her JGP debut at this event and therefore had no international reputation at all. I know Adelina was making her JGP debut here as well, but she won Russian Senior (and Junior) Nationals as a 12 year old and her skating is not juniorish in the slightest, which can't be said for Zijun. Also Zijun got PCS of 48+ for the FS last week in Ostrava, which was the 2nd highest PCS of all the ladies in that segment, suggesting that her strong performance in Graz helped boost her reputation and thus PCS in Ostrava. I'm not saying reputation scoring is right, just that it usually happens.