Yesterday I wrote several posts in the thread "Yu-Na news" ( ). Those posts, in my opinion, have not infringed any rule of this forum (Forum guidelines: ). Some of them were considerably long and I spent my time to writing them, as one of them was written by the request of other user who demanded some proof from me. I made what he wanted me to do and wrote a post which contained factual data that could prevent future misinformation for other people.

However this post as many of others and also posts of other people including that user were deleted without any previous notification which prevented me from making a backup copy and therefore it was a data loss.

I would like an explanation (not necessarily public, of course) why those posts were deleted, preferably with pointing out what rule was infringed by me and other people (5-6 in total whose posts were deleted).

I would like to note, that by how this thread stands now my initial concern (which provoked me to write my posts) is again there, as the incorrect information published in thread is not corrected with factual data. My efforts were in vain.

This post is not demanding anything (because it is forbidden by rules), it is just expressing my concern about the current state of things.
I would like to ask, if it's possible, for restoration of those posts or an explanation of their deletion.

I also would like to say, that starting from now all my posts and pages of threads where I will participate will be automatically saved on the hard drive of my computer. I don't have much free time, as apparently many people here have, and I can't allow myself a luxury of losing things I wrote while spending on this my precious time.

I would like to recommend to everyone who participates on this forum to save all the written data locally, as it may disappear at any time without any reason and without any previous notification.
Thank you.