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Thread: Suguri to be nominated as head of eligibles' assembly

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    Suguri to be nominated as head of eligibles' assembly

    Seiko Hashimoto, the President of JSF, said yesterday that she will ask Fumie Suguri to be the head of the eligible figure skaters' assembly/union.

    This assembly/union is set by the federation (not by the skaters) to reflect the skaters' demands that arise from the actual competitive scenes, and this is Hashimoto's idea as a mean of reinforcement toward Sochi 2014. She said one representative each from figure, speed and short track skating may attend the JSF Board of Directors as observers and express the competitors' active views. (news in late July)

    Shenshukai (senshu=competitors) in Japanese language falls somewhere between an assembly and a union, but in this case I foresee very little autonomy expected among the competitors.

    Hashimoto says she chose Suguri and the other two (speed and short track representatives) because they are the most experienced and hence able to clarify the needs of skaters.
    Whether they'll accept is most probably yes, IMO, because "not me" will create big friction. (to make sure, 100% IMO)
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    congrats to her. hope she gets it.

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    How lovely to hear! Thanks for posting it.

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    Nice to see the opportunity for someone who has been such a valuable athlete ambassador all these years

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    Good for her! Go Fumie, go!

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    Good for Fumie!

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