Pechalat and Bourzat version of Charlie Chaplin could be by Michel Villard, but need to check. But in there is City Lights - Violetera, Modern Times - Titine, A King in New York - The loving Mandolin and I think Modern times - Smile.

I hope that helps folks....

Konstantin Menshov LP (jacskon medley)- Looks like he has used smooth criminal for part 1 and part 3 by London symphony orchestra and part 2 middle section earth song?? by London symphony orchestra.

Armin Mahbanoozadeh LP Avatar soundtrack - I thought so early on this was very good, the only program that looked polished and has had many run-throughs. Transitions very good.

Tatsuki Machida LP Legends of the Fall Soundtrack - Dicey using this after Vanessa Gusmeroli- To me not used well, better cuts of music. Has potential.