View Poll Results: Who is your favorite choreographer?

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  • Lori Nichols

    34 18.48%
  • Marina Zoueva

    18 9.78%
  • David Wilson

    59 32.07%
  • Nikolai Morozov

    6 3.26%
  • Tom Dickson

    12 6.52%
  • Tatiana Tarasova

    20 10.87%
  • Elena Tchaikovskaia

    2 1.09%
  • Machiko Yamada

    0 0%
  • Lar Lubovitch

    3 1.63%
  • Someone else

    30 16.30%
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Thread: Who is your favorite choreograher?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Binthere View Post
    This voting booth seems dormant but this season the name to add or break out of "other" is probably Jeffrey Buttle.
    Totally agree!!! Shae-Lynn Bourne has done some nice work also.

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    Who choreographed Joshua Farris' SP to Claire Du Lune. I watched the stream from Estonia and it was stunning!

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    His choreographers are listed as Damon Allen & Philip Mills.

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    For me this topic is all over the map their are so many choreographers and great program

    Sarah Kawahara : Lu Chen 1993 worlds which Lulu used olympic year as well, Beatrisa Liang at 2005 Nationals those are the 3 programs that stand out the most from her
    Carmerlanngo : those 2 programs that he did for Alissa Czisny last were great. I loved the attention to detail that Alissa was able to go into her short program.
    Shea-Lynn Bourne: Akiko Suzuki programs from Olympic year
    Sandra Bezic work for Lu Chen of course
    don't forgot Igor w/Marina Zoueva: too many numbers to count
    Lori Nichol: Michelle Kwan, Sale/Pelletier, Fumie Suguri it became dry after that

    Its the skaters and how they deliver the program that makes the program that something special.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jadore View Post
    Loved Tatiana's choreography for Cohen (Malaguena, Dark Eyes, etc) and Yagudin.
    I agree 100%. Also loved Sasha's swan program.

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    It's almost criminal that this poll doesn't have Camerlengo.

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    Lori is absolutely amazing! All her choreographed performances are so captivating

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    What made David Wilson so outstanding?

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    Ha! Daisquale is even not on the list. Lol.

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    Ingo Steur

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    I voted other for Tamara Moskvina. Although mainly thought of as a pair coach, I always wondered what kind of magic she could work with a talented singles skater or dance team. Tamara is special!
    A nod also to Sandra Bezic.
    IMO: talanted skaters should work with different choreographers to further develope their artistic abilities. Sasha and Michelle come to mind.

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