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Thread: New rules for Sequences

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    New rules for Sequences

    Ok, I hope someone can help me.

    For example Rochette Joannie did a 3T-3S Sequenze last season. With the new rules it will count as 3T-1R-3S or? Will it then counted as a Sequenze or as a Combo? For sequenzes you got only 80%, so this is important difference.

    Second question: Is it allowed to do such a Sequenz in the Short Programm now? Because with the new rules it is counted as 3 Jumps.

    Hope somebody can help me! Thanks!!

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    Jumps Combination: If the jumps are connected with a non-listed jump, the element is called as a jump sequence.

    However half-loop when used in combinations/sequences is considered as a listed jump with the Value of a Loop.

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    You cannot do 3T-1Lo-3S in the SP - it's a two jump combination.

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