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Yes sorry, I meant Alissa, dumb mistake on my part.

I haven't seen any vids of her training or run throughs, so who knows? The coaching change may help, Yuka was a solid jumper so perhaps she can pass that on to Alissa, but who knows...I am totally psyched to see her programs though, she has some beautiful music lined up (Korngold's violin romance is a favourite!)

I think Phaneuf already had a minor breakthrough at the 2010 worlds, she finished much higher than I was expecting, she could have even taken the bronze. I strongly suspect she'll take this one if Alissa can't pull it together. She'll probably also make the final. She's not a particular favourite of mine, and she seems to go for the same 80s drag-queen hair and makeup style Joannie favoured (totally worth a deduction in the program components score IMO!!), but she's getting better as a competitor, I think.

Marchei??? That would be a BIG upset to me. She's fun to watch (sassiest lady skater I've seen in a while), but her jumps are small and unreliable. Where did she finnish at Euros last year, 8th or something? And Euros 2010 had a field probably weaker than this one (I exaggerate, but only slightly...)
Actually, that's true about Cynthia and Joannie's makeup/hair. I never noticed that before, but now that you mention it.. something always bothered me about Joannie's look and I think that's what it was.