1. Rachael Flatt. The last outing, she did a great 7 triples LP. I think she's working out all of her jitters and should be a gold medal contender.
2. Mao Asada. Too inconsistent with most of her jumps. The loop, toe, and double axel aren't enough to win here. I predict a 3A attempt with a fall in combination, pop the salchow, fall on either flip/flutz, but wonderful in everything else.
3/4. Kiira Korpi (with the 3T-3T and 3Lp) / Carolina Kostner with her usual fabulous self.
5. Kanako Murakami (very consistent, but can't seem to crack 60 in the SP, her LP score is too low, not yet a factor)
6. Ashley Wagner (probably lower, but my patriotic duty urges me to put her higher)
7. Caroline Zhang (probably lower, too. look at Asada for clue. score in the 70s for the LP)

The rest of them are just there for sushi and mochi and sight seeing.