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Thread: Canadian Team Assignments and Team Bios

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    Canadian Team Assignments and Team Bios

    Anybody know what is the link to see who the Canadian assignments are for the senior Grand Prix events are?

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    You can go to the Wikipedia article and go down to the 2010-2011 season. You will have to look at each event individually.

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    Hi passion,

    I was trying to look at the Skate Canada website, but I couldn't find a specific link.

    On the ISU website, I found out who is skating at the Skate Canada event for Canada, though:

    I'm sorry I can't give you a more complete answer.

    Men: Patrick Chan, Kevin Reynolds, Jeremy Ten
    Ladies: Amelie Lacoste, Cynthia Phaneuf, Myriane Samson
    Pairs: Dube/Davison, Duhamel/Radford, Lawrence/Swiegers
    Ice Dance: Crone/Poirier, Paul/Islam, Virtue/Moir (??? not sure if they will be able to or if anyone will be able to fill in)

    Oh yeah, PolymerBob found a good way to look through with ease.

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    Although it is a slightly annoying format, the ISU website's list of the standings in each event shows all the entrants, and which nations they are from and which events they are competing in:

    Vanessa CRONE / Paul POIRIER CAN - Skate America and Skate Canada
    Alexandra PAUL / Mitchell ISLAM CAN Skate Canada and Cup of Russia
    Kharis RALPH / Asher HILL CAN Cup of China and TEB
    Tessa VIRTUE / Scott MOIR CAN possibly TEB, if her health permits
    Kaitlyn WEAVER / Andrew POJE CAN NHK and Skate America

    Patrick CHAN CAN Skate Canada, Cup of Russia
    Kevin REYNOLDS CAN Skate Canada, TEB
    Shawn SAWYER CAN NHK, Skate America
    Jeremy TEN CAN NHK, Skate Canada

    Jessica DUBE / Bryce DAVISON CAN Skate Canada, Cup of Russia
    Meagan DUHAMEL / Eric RADFORD CAN Skate Canada only
    Kaleigh HOLE / Adam JOHNSON CAN Cup of China only
    Paige LAWRENCE / Rudi SWIEGERS CAN Skate Canada only
    Kirsten MOORE-TOWERS / Dylan MOSCOVITCH CAN Skate America

    Amelie LACOSTE CAN Skate Canada, Skate America
    Cynthia PHANEUF CAN Skate Canada, TEB
    Myriane SAMSON CAN Skate Canada, Cup of Russia
    Diane SZMIETT CAN NHK only

    And, in return, is there any place inside the Skate Canada website where there are team bios that show what music the Canadian competitors are using in their program? They don't seem to update their ISU bios.
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    Here's a link from the Skate Canada website to the assignments.


    If you click on the athletes names a bio comes up, but they haven't updated the music for their programs yet. They'll probably get around to it eventually though. Skate Canada is notoriously slow at updating their site.

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