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Thread: JGP Final - Ice Dance

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    JGP Final - Ice Dance

    Looks like the veterans are out in front. Qualifiers:

    1. Monko/Khaliavin RUS
    2. Stepanova/Bukin RUS
    3. Pushkash/Guerreiro RUS
    4. Lichtman/Copeley USA
    5. Kosigina/Moroshkin RUS
    6. Sinitsina/Zhiganshin RUS
    7. Galyeta/Shumski UKR
    8. Antipova/Kudashev RUS

    9. Zahorski/Miart FRA
    10. Cannuscio/McManus USA
    11. Papadakis/Cizeron FRA

    I'm going to go w-a-a-a-y out on limb and say there will be AT LEAST one Russian team on this podium!
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    I think Piseev should save some money and simply declare this competition the Russian Junior National¨¡¡

    But seriously, its amazing how many talented youngsters they have.. MonkoKhaliavin will take this one easily since they are already at senior level, but I love PushkashGuerreiro, they are my sentimental faves (if only she could learn to twizzle), KosiginaMoroshkin looked great on youtube and the ukrainian team of GalyetaShumski are adorable too.

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    Russian Junior Nationals plus some guests , LOL
    Monko/Khaliavin should win this one with ease, but I'd love to see Kosigina/Moroshkin on the podium. She in particular is fabulous! Though I like Bukin a lot as well.

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    There is a nod to the Ukraine, but it looks clear to me to be a Russian win.

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    The short dance has just finished. Surprising results. Sinitsina/Zhiganshin are in lead with 55.58 closely followed by M/K in second with 55.50 (about ten points down on their seasons best). S/B are third with P/G in fourth. Not sure what happened to K/M they are a distant sixth. Looks like a clean sweep for Russia

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    I do not understand the results. For me, M/k and P/G were the best by a mile. Of course it's about levels, but M/K were clean(maybe a little off on the twizzles) and they scored 10 points lower then their season's best! These levels are too random: who knows, with another technical specialist, M/K would be first by a mile, or even out of the final group. Please, if someone who watched the competition could explain to me these scores, I would really appreciate!

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