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Thread: JGP Final - Men

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    Keegan Messing (USA)

    3A - nice
    3Lz-2T - held on to landing
    FSSp - nice height on fly/jump
    3S - stepout
    A - popped planned 3A
    SlSt - fall at the end
    CCoSp - nice speed/centering
    Lo - fell on entrance, didn't even get off the ice. Did he hit a rut on the ice or something?
    3F-3T - stepout, probably UR on 3T

    Score: 106.90
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    Richard Dornbush (USA)

    3F - no combo? (or was it a lutz?)
    3A - nice!
    2A+2A SEQ.

    Definitely the best tonight, both jump- and presentation wise.

    Score: 148.81, new SB, and he wins with a BIG margin!
    Tammy Gambill seems very happy. Was it her, who yelled of joy during the performance

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    Eyewitness Thoughts

    From the arena view, general impressions:

    Gorshkov--Nothing stands out as spectacular about him, pleasant enough to watch but a work in progress. Let's see what he does next season. I'm glad he's here so I can see Urmanov in the Kiss & Cry.

    Rogozine--Based on his earlier JGP competition scores and placements, I expected...well, more I guess. He's slower than I thought he'd be, and not too much artistry. Powerful music but I think it's almost too much for him. Some solid jumps for the most part. Decent spinner, lackluster footwork. Competent but blah skate.

    Bush--Yikes, another program to The Rock! Starts out reasonably well with good speed then second half, gets slower and sloppier near the end. Flying spin into a fall, don't see that one every day. As with Gorshkov, another work in progress, future unclear. As with Gorshkov, I'm glad he's here so I can see Urmanov in the Kiss & Cry.

    Aaron--Kind of strange choreography, didn't care for footwork. Slow spins. Better presentation than the previous three skaters. No "wow" here either. I fear another standard Tom Z. skater in the making...mostly strength in jumping but weak other elements. He might want to take a page out of the Abbott playbook and look for another coach that can take his skating up a notch or three.

    Farris--Working his music (and I'm a sucker for Porgy and Bess) and using it to craft his performance rather than skating through it as wallpaper. Fairly flexible spinner for a guy. He looks "off" today especially his jumps. Too bad, as cleanly executed, this would have been a very nice program and a podium contender. Not today though. Definitely a young man with promise, keep at it.

    Yan--Huge crowd response on introduction. Has very nice speed and flow across the ice, and best presentation thus far, really using his music like he feels it (which for a Chinese skater, is pretty uncommon even at senior level). Strange stop at 3:30 mark, almost like he forgot something. Spins need a lot more work (also common to most Chinese skaters). Technical difficulty wasn't there though. Whoa! Surprisingly high score, maybe suspiciously high...will make a note to check protocols closely to see where this number came from, as it doesn't square with what I saw.

    Messing--Like this music for him. Starts out well with huge 3A, then starts to fall apart. Weird fall on a 3Loop--almost as if he caught an edge in a rut at takeoff. Best spins so far, crowd appreciates these. Unfortunate fall on his interesting footwork. Too bad, skated cleanly, this could be a winner of a program. He looks sheepish getting off the ice, Coach Burghardt looks stern. I think they both know he threw a podium finish away. He's a very talented skater though, and we want to see more.

    Dornbush--I like the Sherlock Holmes music and was interested to see how one constructs a program to it. Dornbush did a fabulous job with a well-balanced and well-paced program, good speed throughout. Spins are OK but maybe not as good as Messing's. Nice choreog details really carry out the Sherlock music theme. He projects well to the crowd. Clean skate and he gets big applause. Well-deserved first place. Note to Dornbush: please hang out with fellow Tammy Gambill coachee Caroline Zhang, and pass on some magic in that direction.
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