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Thread: A quick start for ice dancers Kosigina and Moroshkin

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    News A quick start for ice dancers Kosigina and Moroshkin

    Sometimes when a partner is 'dumped', you might just end up with a better one. This is exactly what happened to Evgenia Kosigina and Nikolai Moroshkin. After both their previous partners left them, they teamed up and made a splash on the Junior circuit this season.


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    Thanks! I really like this team and think they have a great future.

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    When I saw them with previous partners I didn't really pay attention. But now I look at them and see how beautiful she is and they have such a lovely lines and good programs, it really works! Beautiful couple I wish them all the best!

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    Thanks for the article! These two are so lovely and funny. I wish them the best of luck!

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    The quality of this video is really bad, but these are only available.
    Sorry if it's already been posted here.

    Short dance

    Free dance

    I really like them and hope they'll keep it up.
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    So many promising young Russian teams. Junior Grand Prix final is looking like the international judging community's take on how Russian nationals could play out. Enjoyed the article Good sense of humor. I liked his explanation about the "wind" ;-)

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