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Thread: Predictions

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikiAndoFan#1 View Post

    Rachael does not have a mule kick.
    She has a mild one. It's not a Zhang but it's there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmyers View Post
    She has a mild one. It's not a Zhang but it's there.
    It's getting worse, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverlake22 View Post
    I'm just going to predict the complete results for men and ladiezzz


    1.) Mao Asada
    2.) Kanako Murakami
    3.) Carolina Kostner
    4.) Rachael Flatt
    5.) Kiira Korpi
    6.) Ashley Wagner
    7.) Caroline Zhang
    8.) Elene Gedevanishvilli
    9.) Viktoria Helgesson
    10.) Lena Marrocco
    11.) Jenna McCorkell
    12.) Diane Szmiett


    1.) Daisuke Takahashi
    2.) Jeremy Abbott
    3.) Yuzuru Hanyu
    4.) Denis Ten
    5.) Florent Amodio
    6.) Adrian Schultheiss
    7.) Kevin Van Der Perren
    8.) Ross Miner
    9.) Takahiko Mura
    10.) Shawn Sawyer
    11.) Jeremy Ten
    12.) Jialiang Wu

    I'm just going to copy and paste Silverlake's

    But I think Imaginary Pogue's is very interesting with Kostner on top. Definitely, if Caro is at the top of her game she would be the highest scorer after Mao. So a top-of-her-game Caro could edge out even a relatively clean Mao if Mao's 3a get downgraded or something.
    Caro hasn't been at the top of her game for ages and ages. OTH, she's sticking around for another season and probably working hard and there is not as much pressure as last year so she could very well have a good year.
    Also, if Kiira hits all her jumps for once in her life (no doubling), I think she'll be on the podium no matter how the others do. The judges just love those Finn girls and Kiira's programs are very nice this year.
    I'll be disappointed if all three U.S. ladies are shut out of medals and I'm not counting them out by any means. Rachael seem to struggle in early events and Caroline is a big question mark so I'd bet on Ashley for the best chance at a medal. But not counting out the other two for a medal of any color and I'm so curious to see if Caroline has improved at all this year. I am crossing my fingers for that.
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    1. Takahashi
    2. Abbott
    3. Ten

    1. Asada
    2. Flatt
    3. Kostner

    1. Pang/ Tong
    2. Basarova/ Larionov
    3. Denney/ Barrett

    1. Davis/ White
    2. Shibutanis
    3. Weaver/ Pope

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    So, did Bertron and Hotarek withdraw, or were they just never in it.

    Also... pats self on back.

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