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This is not just a PCS issue for me...in Japan, the broadcast of Ladies SP (Live) starts at 19:30 and Ashley's starting time is estimated to be around 19:32. Considering the fact that Japanese broadcast never immediately starts to show what's going on on the ice surface and instead shows backstage Mao, shows an opening fluff, introduces the commentator and shows again all the useless fluff for the first five to ten minutes I'm afraid Ashley's SP will likely be chacked in my country... I'm just so depressed.

I wish the skating order in the GP series is determined by how the skaters did in GPS in the previous season(s), not by the world standings where 4CC/Euros/Olympics have way too much weight. The current system basically says if you become the number 3 at US nationals then you are doomed in your "GP status" for the following year regardless of how well she did in the GPs.

By the way, did Ashley decide to ditch Kashmir SP and went back to last season's SP? According to her ISU biography it seems that way...

P.S. @Mathman thanks for noticing it
Well, Ashley had two oppertunities to help her World Ranking; Jr Worlds and Nebelhorn. She took neither of them, so it seems she doesn't care. I guess it won't matter if she skates well here!

Oh, Champs, I really hope they'll show Ashley skate on the Japanese broadcast.. And she went back to last year's SP?? How come we haven't heard anything about that? I thought the debut of the Kashmir program went pretty well at the summer competitions (even though there's no video of it whatsoever).. I loved last season's SP but in general I don't like it when skaters recycle programs...

I'm nervous. It's so strange the season started again... Anyway; I have class again in ten minutes so I won't be able to watch or follow the score, but I'll keep my fingers crossed around 12.32 (btw where does one find the detailed time schedule again?)