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Thread: Men's Free Program; Oct. 23 11:00 pm EST/9:00 pm where I am

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    Sometimes art is created by mistake or without preconception! I agree with you that Morozov is often not a great choreographer and has to a tendency to create programs that rely on superficial arm movements. However, look at the music selections that have gone into Amodio's program:

    "Broken" by Lisa Gerrard, "Apologize" by One Republic, "Imma Be" by Black Eyed Peas, "Don't Stop til' You Get Enough" by Michael Jackson.

    The meaning of those songs and the fact that they are all very contemporary fits exactly into my interpretation of the program. Perhaps Morozov did not intend the program to have the depth I've assigned to it but, regardless, I felt those emotions from Amodio's performance, so accidental or not they are there (for me anyway).

    I can't agree with "Dancing in place isn't musical interpretation." It certainly is! Moreover, it takes both training and talent to perform those kinds of movements. How many skilled dancers without extensive ice skating training could just strap on a pair of skates and do what Amodio did? None. They would be falling all over the ice or not moving nearly as well. We can say it's easier to perform in place rather than while moving but even then there are certainly times where dramatic pauses are more effective than doing a certain piece of choreography while moving. There's a time and a place. Amodio's program may have too much stationary movement but you really can't deny that he performs those movements incredibly. And they fit so well with the music. It could be better but I'll take it for now!
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