I watched on the computer and Univeral Sport Chanel. I'm not all that on Takahashi's bandwagon, don't see him as a good presenter, but he is definitely good competitor. There was another Japanese boy - quite frail - but had excellent technique and good body language. Will look forward to seeing him again. Abbott is always good at the beginning of the season, and he will be in the Finals, but he will fade at Worlds and maybe Nats.

I feel sorry for Kevin vd Perren. He was once a contender.

Nice to see Rachael without those chipmonk cheeks. Katy Couric got rid of them some time ago. Rachael did well, as did Carolina, but the Ladies just don't get to me. It's all a rehash of what they've done before. I think Mao is getting bored as Yu Na did at Worlds.2010.

I think Pang and Tong will go gold right up to, and include Sochi.

Bravo for Weaver and Poje. It's time for them to shine. Sorry, but Charlie does not get to me.