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Thread: Overall Opinions of NHK 2010

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImaginaryPogue View Post
    My predictions

    I follow dance and this podium isn't reflective of reputations. No way do Weaver/Poje have the reputation of C/L, at the very least. D/W are simply that much better.

    Another way of saying it: imagine if solid but not perfect Kim faced this field instead of Asada. That's where D/W are at right now.
    I liked your predictions which I did read before I wrote the previous post.
    I agree and know that at times a singles skater can be pretty dominant.
    The difference is that in Dance it is always that way. We alway know who will win and it is not as hard to guess the podium.

    My point was addressing why "Ladies" may have more interest than Men.
    The Ladies just seem far less predictable and I think that adds a little excitement.
    Yuna won the Olympics but not Worlds. Mao won Worlds but was a non-factor at NHK. Dai appears unbeatable if he stays on his feet and even if doesn't.

    I can't imagine how poorly D/W would have to skate to miss a Dance podium. As I "predicted" they will remain unbeatable for the time being. There are reasons for that - basically Dance is just a different discipline than singles.

    Just saying upsets and topsy-turvy results can creat interest which seems more common in the Ladies events than the other discipines.

    When I say I have no idea who will make the Ladies podium at SC I really mean it. So I will watch it with a little more interest and probably comment about it more.
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