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Thread: Triple Lutz/Total Klutz Lessons & Practices, 11/24 - 11/30

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    Triple Lutz/Total Klutz Lessons & Practices, 11/24 - 11/30

    Time to start a new week!!!

    I'll actually start with yesterday if no-one minds:

    Klutzy (mechanics!!! ): Yesterday I went to Freestyle early as I had taken hubby's and my skates for sharpening on Saturday along with his coach's and another skaters--wanted to get them to everyone in plenty of time. As such, I missed a phone message from my coach. Her car was rear-ended a couple of months ago (major damage to car, none to her, Thank God) and a bunch of her CD's/tapes were stuck in the damaged trunk all this time, including the one for my program. Well, she got the car back, and guess what's missing? That CD and two others--problem is, my music is that of a Cuban club musician she heard in Miami with a self produced CD, not available otherwise. Luckily, I had copied the CD and I went flying off the ice to get my copy. AAAUUUUGGGH!!!!! And the mechanic swears everything that was in the car was put back...

    Lutz, not flutz: We got my program started--very dramatic Spanish-style start, I really like it, so we got at least the first 20 seconds choregraphed (this will be ISI Freestyle 2 Artistic). I've ordered a great dress from Sharene Skatewear--hopefully it will be in stock and will fit and look decent. A friend of mine will "glitz" it up a bit for me.

    On the Synchro end today, definitely more Lutzy than Klutzy. The program is coming together nicely and I FINALLY got the mohawk issue worked out with our two lines that come together. The more powerful skaters are skating lighter so my friend and I can catch up--we hit it perfectly on the final runthrough. I'm beginning to enjoy this, and that's a great thing.

    That's all for me--time to order hubby's pants from Blue Sky!!!

    Hugs to all,


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    Hey, I know its a holiday week, but where is everybody?

    Lutzy Lou: Worked on the new program today, and I like what coach has come up with so far. This will not be its final form, just a start for our holiday exhibition, but its chock full, and I think I can handle it!! Jump wise its neat: Probably salchow-waltz and waltz-waltz (goal for that to become waltz-toe later), a series of footworky three half flips out of mohawks, plus a ballet jump out of a back spiral. I'll end with a half toe walley as it fits the music to a "T" following a change edge spiral. We'll start it with a two foot spin for now, to become a one foot spin later as my one foot progresses. Very neat, and best of all I found a dress!!! Twizzle has a great black velvet halter dress with red underskirt and red rose at the hip, plus gauntlet gloves for both arms. Thanks to GS I found Twizzle' and then SkateMart's site, and God Bless SkateMart, they had it in stock and for a great price. I should get it in next week. My Spanish program is on its way!!!

    Edited to add: The Sharene dress didn't work out--a rush order would have taken 4 to 5 weeks, so luckily thanks to GS and Paula and her listings I found Twizzle and SkateMart. Thanks a bunch, Paula--I told SkateMart you were responsible for me finding Twizzle and then the Mart!!!
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    How about yutz!!!

    I spent 3 days barfing last week. I went skating on Sunday but was so weak I just stroked around the ice.

    Had my flu shot yesterday so I am feeling kind of wierd today. Next chance for ice will be on Friday. Hopefully I will be back in some sort of shape to practice my spins and toeloop.

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    Taking some time off the ice-
    Happy Thanksgiving To All

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    To my US skate friends out there, Happy ThanksGiving. Don't gobble too much! LOL

    I was the only skater on Ticket Ice today but the music system was looked away in the coaches' room so I couldn't play my music.

    I was really tight for the first half of my ice time. Once I loosened up, I was able to run through all my jumps. Now my spins were heading to the toe-pick today after 3 revs for some reason.

    I took along time to get loose enough to get my sitspin going. It took me about 6 tries before I could do my Broken Leg Sit in combination.

    Jumps, once I got them going, I found myself all of a sudden doing 1 and half revs on both my toe loop and my salchow. Hmm, now if I could just transfer my extra energy to my loop and flip spins.

    I slightly changed my interpretive FS program layout so I end up doing my waltz jump from forward cross stroke more to the right instead of the center of the ice which then sets me up so that I can get more speed for my change edge spiral.

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    Total Klutz (literally) - i went to public skate on friday and there was this guy who kept getting in my way. i was going backwards and then he was like "WATCH OUT!" so then i stopped and he fell :\ so i was like "i'm so sorry!" and he gave me this look like it was all my fault! hmph. i'll never get over it.

    Triple Lutz - the snowflake program for the nutcracker on ice is going really well. i'm getting really exited! :D
    my sitspin is getting more consistant every time i go skating :D and i can land flips without thinking about them now! loops are also looking good. now hopefully i'll be able to land my axel within the next 12 weeks, but thats probably not gonna happen because i just learned the beginning of it...

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