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Thread: Wow! Shae-Lynn Has a Nice Singing Voice

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    Wow! Shae-Lynn Has a Nice Singing Voice

    On the Battle of the Blades Shae-Lynn Bourne and her partner Patirce Brisebois skated to a piece Shae-Lynn recorded. She has a very nice singing voice. It was a beautiful program.

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    It says the music's "coming soon." I'm guessing you caught it live?

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    Shae-Lynn Bourne is amazing. Great performer, and apparently a great choreographer for other skaters, as well. I'm disappointed to hear the initial rumours of her choreographing YuNa's SP this year don't seem to have followed through. :X I was excited.

    Anyway, Bourne is awesome. I'll look for her singing when/if it becomes available somewhere.

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