I've never been a Phaneuf fan, but I very much enjoyed her program today. She seemed extremely confident, and it showed. Excellent performance. On a shallow note, the new part in her hair looks so much better than the severe middle part she's sported forever. I'm glad she's not skating to yet another classical piano piece!

Makarova was my other favorite of the night. Her expression and performance were really improved. Needs more speed, but she'll get there.

Zawadski....I like her jumps. That said, the program does not work for me. I think she's posing, but not feeling the music. Her movements to it seem forced and awkward. Also, I don't know if this is a Colorado Springs thing, but she is a lovely looking girl - why on Earth is she sporting such ugly costume and hair? Could also use more speed overall. Still lots of potential there, not sure if her current team is the one to bring it out of her.

I also liked Imai, but she needs a bit more power and polish.