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Other than the automatic deductions in the Tech, we do not know whether judges consider Falls as poor performance. But if a ballerina falls in Swan Lake and I've seen it happen, the performance is not good and the audience lets her know it, and that is not even a competition. It's obvious too in skating - poor performance.
I agree with you Joe, for me Skating Skills, Performance/execution has to somehow be connected to the elements the skater performs. Once skater may have good skating skills, but if he fails in the jumps or a spin or whatever, he is not showing great skating skills at that moment (I understand skating skills as the proper use of the blades and edges, the proper technique for doing the elements that comforms figure skating). Which is why I don't understand how any skater making pretty obvious errors in the execution of elements can still get a high score on skating skills. To us a more concrete example, I think for instance that Mao has overall good skating skills, but she didn't show them in her programs at NHK, so while in general she has good SS, at that time, at that competition she didn't execute them as well, and the score for that category should reflect what is seen in the ice.

In this case, while Chan may have showed great skills while executing a footwork sequence, the SS score should be for the overall performance through out the program. I can't imagine the score being higher when there have been clear errors.