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I see no need to cater to a bunch of mostly heterosexist sportswriters who will not bother with this sport whatsoever even when the result is determined using a clock. In fact, I am pleased they don't trivialize our sport to the same level as one that openly cheers fist fights on ice which of course makes juicy stories for these writers. If that is deemed a "real sport", be my guest. Don't believe me? Then please name a woman who can be accepted as a commentator on any of such "real / money making professional sport".

Thankfully, the status and prestige of this sport is not dependent on the opinion of such narrow minded people. In fact, IOC is about to approve a team based event for 2014 Olympics whereas some of these "real sport" is not even in the Olympics.
These sportswriters cover more than figure skating - Christine Brennan *USA Today, Vicki Michaelis *USA Today, Helene Elliott *LA Times, Diane Pucin *LA Times, Bev Smith *Globe & Mail, Nancy Armour *AP , Jo Ann Barnas *Detroit Free Press to name just a few..