Finally I was able to watch the Sps this AM, and now that's it's lunchtime I can give my thoughts:

Kevin Reynolds was a joy to watch! *clapping* He reminds me so much of a very young Plushenko, and when he eventually fills-out as he matures into a man I hope to see the same kind of power in his skating as Zhenya has. Still, he has a long ways to go to become the next Evgeni, which also includes a straight up & down posture on the ice, p-r-e-s-e-n-c-e, and power & height in his jumps. But I can already see it, the whole time he was skating I was envisioning him in a few years time. I'd love to see them both on the ice at Sochi in 2014 (crossing my fingers). As it stands now they are still the only two men in f.s. history to complete a 4-3-3 in competiton (of course Evgeni was the first):

Nobunari Oda was also a joy to watch skate. The music, the skater, the choreography, et al, just flowed from one element to the next ~ perfect vehicle for him ~ all the time I see him skate I see the famous Japanese warlord he descends from, Nobunaga Oda. He does his ancestor proud!

Adam Rippon was lovely as always, but I don't particularly care for the frou frou top he was wearing, it didn't show off his beautiful line, rather it makes him look a little hunched back like Timothy Goebel, instead of John Curry, whom he reminds me of. Beautiful skate, but he really does need to master the quad in order to stand on World & Olympic podiums imho. And I expect him to...

Patrick Chan reminds me so much of the male version of Sasha Cohen in every single way. I can't wait to see this program skated cleanly without falls, but even with the falls the program & skater shined in the way Sasha Cohen shined at the 2006 Olympics when she fell 2 times in the FS but still won the silver due to her superiority in everything else but jumps. But that said, it's good to keep in mind that *jumps* is an important criteria, and has been since the days of Sonja Henie & Gillis Grafstrom (I would love to know what they think...)

Nobody else really stood out to me except the Zhenya look-a-like with his Pink Floyd program, but nothing compares to the original, c'est la vie.