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Regardless, it's not at all impossible that most of the judges were simply WRONG either. The bottom line is that Patrick Chan was overscored. It happens all the name to people who are "anointed". Suddenly everything they do becomes seen as better than the things "lesser" skaters do, even though that is often not the case.

The anointing of Patrick Chan + the politics of Skate Canada + the awful judging system + the poor judging all came together to create the drastically overinflated scores he received. Nobody is arguing he didn't deserved to win the LP, but that doesn't mean he wasn't overscored. ESPECIALLY in the Short Program.
Agreed. I think this kind of blatant misjudging is probably more common at lesser competitions, namely ones leading up to GPF. I recall at last seasons' competitions, there was similar controversy in the overscoring---namely of Joannie Rochette. Bottom line is: judges will bend the rules to have their top skaters eligible for GPF. But I think the judging becomes fairer as the season progresses and at the major competitions---like the GPF or Worlds. So I'd expect this kind of poor judging to be exclusive to this competition only and not indicative of how the season will go.