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    Quote Originally Posted by Figure88 View Post
    Agreed. I think this kind of blatant misjudging is probably more common at lesser competitions, namely ones leading up to GPF. I recall at last seasons' competitions, there was similar controversy in the overscoring---namely of Joannie Rochette. Bottom line is: judges will bend the rules to have their top skaters eligible for GPF.
    That is the part that I don't understand about the "politics and bias" theories. The judges in the men's event were from Spain, Germany , Russia, Canada, USA, Japan, Sweden, Italy and France.

    What possible motive would any of these judges (except Canada) have for inflating the scores of Patrick Chan?

    Why would any of them want to cheat to insure that Chan makes the Grand Prix Final, rather than Oda (Japan), Rippon (USA), Fernandez (Spain), Preaubert (France), Gachinski (Russia), Berntsson (Sweden) or Bachini (Italy)?
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