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Gymnastics is not a good example at the moment. There is much debate over the recent win of Lauren Mitchell. She won the floor event final based on a high difficulty score but lower execution. She beat gymnasts with lower scores but better execution. Is that not exactly what many are arguing against here?

The point about He Kexin losing is not quite the same as Patrick winning here. She lost in the Bars final, one part of the competition. The more relevant comparison would be to compare the Bars final with the short program, which Patrick (overscored - I'll agree there) didn't win. If He Kexin was competing AA, she still had a chance (small) to win it all and it's possible that she could have. Patrick won the competition based on a crappy program and a brilliant program (even with one fall).

Honestly, people seem to change their minds about what they want over and over again. Some want to see perfect programs, some want to see quads, some want to see difficulty, some want artistry and some want it all. And next week, they'll be arguing against whatever they wanted last week. Gah skating fans!!!

I just noticed that your handle is similar to mine. What a coincident.