Well for some reason the ISU site doesn't have the start order for the Free Program yet, but assuming that it is reverse order from SP standings?.

I believe the Free Program starts at 7pm EST?

Warm-Up Group 1:
1. Alexe Gilles
2. Sonia Lafuente
3. Valentina Marchei
4. Fumie Suguri
5. Myriane Samson

Warm-Up Group 2:
6. Haruka Imai
7. Amelie Lacoste
8. Alissa Czisny
9. Agnes Zawadzki
10. Ksenia Makarova
11. Cynthia Phaneuf

Here's a link to watch live.
***Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. (Just scroll down to the little Canadian Flag icon that says "Figure Skating/Dancing - ISU Grand Prix Canada").

Good luck to all the Ladies!