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No intention to further OT the subject but just for curiosity, which do you guys think is more prestigious and important, 4CC/EC or GPFinal ?

I definitely feel that fans in Japan value GPF much much more than 4CC, but I can imagine European fans value EC more than GPF.
I think that is probably right. The European Championship has been contested since 1891 (five years earlier than that Johnny-come-lately event, Worlds ) It is steeped in tradition. The ladies competition began in 1930, Sonia Henie won six in a row, 1931-1936 (American champ Maribel Vinson got bronze in 1934. )

In contrast, Four Continents is a recent made-up event that the ISU tries to drum up support for, but without much success. The top skaters in North America routinely choose to skip it.

As for the Grand Prix Final, that, too, does not have the gravitas of the old grand dames of skating tradition like Europeans and Worlds. In fact, it does not even have the same traditional status as some of the individual events, like Skate Canada and Skate America.

Skate Canada and Skate America were inaugurated to take the place of the old North American Championships. Winning Skate America used to be a big deal in its own right, long before the ISU decided to couple six independent events into the "Championship Series," later the Grand Prix.