I saw this one late last night & cried...because it was so incredibly beautiful:

Kevin Reynolds ("Over the Rainbow" by Harry Connick Jr.) ~ I think this will be a signature piece for Kevin, already when I hear the music I think of Kevin's poignantly breathtaking rendition of this classic piece of music. It had everything, such a perfect union of skater & music, he was made for this piece. His fey-like otherworldly appearance, along with his beautiful long classic lines, shown to perfection when he glides into & out of triple jumps in a stretched camel position, is pure poetry. Ah, and then when he runs across the ice when Harry sings way above the chimney tops that's where you'll find me he literally b-e-c-a-m-e the music. And not only there, but everywhere! Like Peter Pan on skates, he makes one dream that anything is possible, I know Michael Jackson would've loved Kevin's skate. And lest I forget, his spins were also pure poetry, to go along with the music, especially the variation on the headless spin at the very end, as well as the very last one to end it all. (:^)

For me personally, Kevin is the love child of three of my all-time favorite skaters ~ Evgeni Plushenko, Oksana Baiul, and Sarah Hughes (a touch of Sonja Henie as well) ~ and that's the best compliment I've ever paid to any skater, bar none.