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    Men - short program

    Warm-Up Group 1
    1 Peitong CHEN (CHN)
    2 Jinlin GUAN (CHN)
    3 Ross MINER (USA)
    4 Peter LIEBERS (GER)
    5 Jialiang WU (CHN)
    6 Tatsuki MACHIDA (JPN)

    Warm-Up Group 2
    7 Brandon MROZ (USA)
    8 Sergei VORONOV (RUS)
    9 Takahiko KOZUKA (JPN)
    10 Samuel CONTESTI (ITA)
    11 Brian JOUBERT (FRA)
    12 Tomas VERNER (CZE)

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    Joubert seems to be the favorite to win with Kozuka nearbye. The others are too iffy.

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    I hope Verner, Voronov, and Mroz will stay on their feet whether they do a quad or not in the short. I guess this is the first competition after Voronov switched coaches?

    The last season wasn't as great a season for Contesti as the one before, hopefully this season will.

    Wishing Kozuka and Machida to show great skating. Machida's Dark Eyes program was quite enjoyable and I'm looking forward.

    I like Jinlin Guan's skating and if he still can't land a 3A, it would be nice if he would try a quad combo in the short as well as in the free. He fell on 4t in the free in the domestic comp in mid September but I also saw a clip of him landing a quad combo in practice so he appears to be ready to include one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joesitz View Post
    Joubert seems to be the favorite to win with Kozuka nearbye. The others are too iffy.
    I was thinking the same thing but good luck to all

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    Last year Voronov did so well here. I wonder if it will repeat.

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    Ah, I'm honestly just EXCITED to see all the men!!!! I missed them last week. Missed the SPs and then gone all day Saturday, so missed their LPs as well.

    BRING IT ON, MEN, BRING IT ON!!!!! *clapping wildly*

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