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Thread: Dr. Lambielove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the CoP

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    Dr. Lambielove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the CoP

    I know the CoP isn't perfect and is in fact rather suspect in many areas, but to counteract all the sturm und drang about CoP recently, here is a thread to post examples of creative and/or artistic CoP skates that transcend the mundane, paint-by-numbers approach seemingly embraced by so many judges and skaters alike.

    Here are mine:

    Stephane Lambiel, 2007 Worlds Poeta LP

    Yu-Na Kim, 2007 Worlds El Tango de Roxanne SP

    Jeremy Abbott, 2008 GPF Eight Seasons LP

    Sasha Cohen, 2006 Olympics Romeo and Juliet LP

    Daisuke Takahashi, 2008 4CC Cyberswan SP

    Stephanie Rosenthal, 2006 US Nationals Rockit SP
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    Thanks for the reminders!

    We're not exactly in a skating drought, are we...

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    especially sahsa lp in 2006 a vivid reminder of how the cop doesn't work and favors individual

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    Sasha's skate brought chills--so beautiful. Note the perfect leg position in the layback. Who does that anymore? But COP did work here--despite 2 jump mistakes, she won a medal on the basis of her other elements. Has anyone ever run the numbers--would she have won 1st without the mistakes, or even if she had not fallen on the first jump?

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