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Actually, my point is that you need to look at scores from more than one competition to arrive at a meaningful conclusion about scoring results because of the possibility of judging inconsistencies.

On a side note, I think the season’s best scores are a truer measure of a skater’s rank/scoring potential than personal best scores for obvious reasons---updated rule changes in the judging system that render the PB score now obsolete. Also, the changes in the skater’s athletic abilities for the worse or better in between the years that are not reflected in the PB score.
True, if we are looking for a Body-of-Work champion. But in competition, only each competition ounts for a podium finish.

Agree w/you on 2 main reasons for judging inconsistencies being:

1) Judges are human
2) Outside politics
Absolutely. That rationale carries much more of a picture than "There are other things to consider."