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First of all, Chan FELL on TWO jumps in the SP, and then fell again on footwork, supposedly his strength. He won because he was much, much too highly marked in the SP, and that gave him a huge cushion so he could once again skate a messy FS with a fall and several wonky jumps, and still come out on top.

Mroz skated a clean FS with a quad and two 3As in a competition where he was the only one who DID skate a completely clean FS. Sure, he's far from the most exciting skater in the world, but he delivered the goods when it counted. Mroz didn't give the callers any reason to ding his elements, and the judges appropriately kept his PCS scores on the low side. Joubert and Verner got called on their many mistakes and the judges weren't inclined to give them the huge PCS that Chan got on home ice.
Many mistakes? Verner doubled a loop and was downgraded on a borderline 3a, Joubert had a step out of a 3-3 combo and was downgraded on a borderline 4t, I don't consider that many mistakes, they each had one visible mistake. I guess they both got edge calls on their flips too but I don't remember either getting edge calls on that jump before. To me, it seemed like the judges had some kind of bias toward Kozuka and were looking for any excuse to knock Verner and Joubert down a peg. Kozuka had 2 clean programs so he deserved to win, but not by nearly as much as he did. I honestly would have had Mroz 4th, and Verner and Joubert in 2nd and 3rd in whatever order. Verner's 70 in the SP was a slap in the face as was Joubert's 135 in the FS. It looked like the judges got scared Kozuka would bomb and so intentionally kept the scores down for Verner and Joubert in the FS so that Kozuka could still win even if he bombed. I mean giving Joubert 72 for PCS, come on? Usually it's between 75 and 80.