It won't be on Universal Sports until later today. And not everyone has digested the protocols yet. Wait a bit. I for example, stayed up to see the FD, but went to bed and am waiting for the Men's, Pairs, and Ladies on US.

BTW, for Canadiaphiles wanting to see another country's skaters getting a spanking for over-high grades, Bobrova & Soloviev are starting to get same in the FD CoC thread, with dark hints of Russian behind the scenes maneuvering, because they beat Faiella & Scali. Any minute, the posters will find out that the referee was Piseev's wife, and that their tame technical specialist is one of the tech team. However, looking at the judges, they are from everywhere, (no big European bloc) and it is B&S's PCS scores that are particularly dubious IMO. And one thing that will help B&S is their attitude in the press conference, where though they are happy to be second, they say they only have placed that well because of F&S's skirt problems, showing humility. Humility goes a long way when the skater has been gifted to fend off the fearful cursing of the fans.