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Thread: Free Dance Preview and Virtual Program Nov.6 2:00 am

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    Free Dance Preview and Virtual Program Nov.6 2:00 am

    Pechalat and Bourzat are carrying such a lead into the free dance, that it seems that they have this competition wrapped up. It would appear that their strategy of multiple outings for their programs early in the season has paid off, and the switch two weeks ago to the Dr. Zhivago soundtrack for their SD were very smart. In fact, it is entirely likely that the order of finish after the free dance will be just the same as after the short dance.

    Isabella Cannuscio and Ian Lorello USA (ISU Ranked 48th) 38.34 points in the SD
    Coach: Karen Ludington, A. Kirsanov, C. Moxley
    Choreographer: Alexander Kirsanov
    FD West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein
    6th at JGPF last year
    4th in US Juniors last year
    5th at LPIDC in the FD
    This is their debut on the Grand Prix.

    Xueting Guan and Meng Wang CHN (ISU Ranked 47th)
    40.19 in the SD
    Coach: Ge Gao, Chao Liu
    Choreographer: Tianyi Zhang
    FD The Sands of Time (from Prince of Persia soundtrack)
    4th at Chinese Nationals in Seniors
    9th at 4CC's

    Madison Hubbell and Kieffer Hubbell USA (Ranked 12th) 44.47 in the SD
    Coach: Anjelika Krylova, Pasquale Camerlengo, E. Swallow
    Choreographer: Juri Tchesnitchenko, Jaroslava Netchaeva
    FD Ocean Club by Yello; Jungle Bill by Yello; Moments in Love by Art of Noise; Jungle Bill by Yello
    6th at Senior Nationals
    3rd at 4CC's
    4th at Finlandia
    4th in the SD with 50.89, with level 4 in both segments of the GW
    75.48 in the FD
    Hubbell's had a catastrophic fall in the SD, resulting in a 3 point deduction, plus loss of points for an element

    Xiaoyang Yu and Chen Wang CHN (ISU Ranking 37th) 45.33 SD Score
    Coach: Hongyan Xi
    Choreographer: Natalia Linichuk
    FD Beethoven's Last Night by Transsibirian Orchestra
    Four time Chinese National Champions, including last year
    8th at 4CC's
    18th at Worlds

    Kharis Ralph and Asher Hill CAN (ISU Ranking 19th)
    Coach: Carol Lane, Juris Razguljaevs
    Choreographer: Carol Lane, Juris Razguliaevs
    FD Summertime by George Gershwin; Senie
    4th in Seniors at Canadian Nationals last year
    6th at 4CCs last year


    Xintong Huang and Xun Zheng CHN (ISU ranking 17th) 49.70 in the SD
    Coach: Hongyan Xi
    Choreographer: Natalia Linichuk
    FD Singing in the Rain (from American in Paris)
    2nd Senior Nationals last year
    4th at 4CC's last year
    19th at the Olympics last year

    Nora Hoffman and Maxim Zavozin HUN (ISU Ranked 22nd) 52.69 in the SD
    Coach: Alexei Gorshkov, Sergei Petukhov
    Choreographer: Elena Garanina
    FD Nagyidai Ciganok (Gypsy Witch) soundtrack by Experidance
    Hungarian National Champions for 2 years
    13th at Olympics
    10th at Worlds
    1st at Nepela
    2nd at Finlandia
    Level 2 and Level 3 on the GW at Finlandia, finishing 2nd with 54.75
    81.77 in the FD at Finlandia
    Level 3 in both segments on the GW at Nepela, finishing 1st with 59.15
    86.26 in the FD at Nepela
    They would have scored a bit higher in the SD, if Max hadn't missed his hold on his foot in the twizzles.

    Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitri Soloviev RUS (Ranked 18th by the ISU) 55.85 in the SD
    FD Melody of the White Nights by Isaak Schwartz
    2nd at Russian Nationals
    9th at Europeans
    8th at Worlds
    15th at Olympics
    He had problems with his 2nd twizzle, making it impossible to do the third twizzle for level 4. They also got a one point deduction, perhaps for a lift that went too long?

    Federica Faiella and Massimo Scali ITA (Ranked ISU 7th) 57.21 in the SD
    Coach: Natalia Linichuk, Paola Mezzadri, G. Karpanosov
    Choreographer: Corrado Giordani, Barbara Melica, Ludmila Vlasova
    FD Manolete From "Flamenco" by Pepe Romero: Que se ven desde el conquero; De mi vera te fuistes
    7 time Italian National Champions, including last year
    3rd at Worlds
    2nd at Europeans
    5th at Olympics
    They were some 6 points lower in the SD than Pechalat and Bourzat due to TES alone, due to his catching his skate in her dress in the second segment of the Golden Waltz during one of the step segments used to determine the level of the Golden Waltz second segment. They only scored Level 2 in the midline step, also.

    Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat FRN (Ranked 2nd by the ISU) 64.12 in the SD
    Coach: Alexander Zhulin, Oleg Volkov, Maxim Staviski
    FD City Lights - Medley - London Symphonic Orchestra
    7th at Olympics
    4th at Worlds
    1st at Finlandia
    1st at Nebelhorn
    3rd GPF last year
    90.79 in the FD at Nebelhorn (1st)
    At Finlandia SD, level 2 & Level 3 on the GW, first overall with 59.96
    91.80 in the FD
    They got mostly level 4's in the SD.
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    Start order:
    Warm-Up Group 1
    1 Isabella CANNUSCIO / Ian LORELLO USA 10 38.34
    2 Xueting GUAN / Meng WANG CHN 9 40.19
    3 Madison HUBBELL / Keiffer HUBBELL USA 8 44.47
    4 Xiaoyang YU / Chen WANG CHN 7 45.33
    5 Kharis RALPH / Asher HILL CAN 6 48.10
    Warm-Up Group 2
    6 Xintong HUANG / Xun ZHENG CHN 5 49.70
    7 Nora HOFFMANN / Maxim ZAVOZIN HUN 4 52.69
    8 Ekaterina BOBROVA / Dmitri SOLOVIEV RUS 3 55.85
    9 Federica FAIELLA / Massimo SCALI ITA 2 57.21
    10 Nathalie PECHALAT / Fabian BOURZAT FRA 1 64.12

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    I'll try to do some PBP for those who can't see this. Please forgive my mistakes. It's 2 in the am and I'm propping my eyes open with toothpicks.

    Cannuscio & Lorello
    West Side Story
    He has a red silk shirt, gray pants.
    and a grey neck scarf-gives it an odd cowboy feel
    She has a red Latin dress
    with wide ruffles on the skirt, spaghetti straps
    sparklies on it
    red gloves?
    red bow in hair
    pair spin and reverse
    sudden music change
    lift spread eagle she stands on knees
    another lift around his neck and then betweeen his legs
    hop into twizzles first set not great
    Maria I just met a girl
    f/w in holds.
    kind of slow
    skid on side of her boot into rotational lift
    Mambo! Mambo!
    speed up a bit
    f/w in hold again
    over his neck into rotational lift
    to end
    one thing I'll say-they kept the energy up to the end.
    101.83 total

    Guan and Wang
    Prince of Persia (Sands of Time)
    White dress on her with gold hobnails
    he has black pants red sash
    red wide edging on white shirt that flows into his sash
    raggy edges on the shirt
    some kind of martial arts looking buckles on his arms
    start with leg to side twizzles
    hands behind back twizzles
    very slow f/w almost lost the hold
    music not helping them
    lift over neck onto his lap
    holds her while she's in a spiral
    injto pair spin good speed for a pair at the bottom
    of the standing
    his hair looks very stringy &overlong
    she stands on his foot and does a pose with Egyptian hands
    dramatick eyestaring into each others eyes
    lunge, f/w slow every which way
    simple rotational lift
    this is too long
    rotational lift with her at an angle, sort of like D&W's Samson lift
    to end
    Lost speed at end
    fd 65.72
    total 105.91

    Ocean Club by Yello; Jungle Bill by Yello; Moments in Love by Art of Noise; Jungle Bill by Yello
    She's in sparkly kelly green. Skirt slit up
    white shirt black pants, suspenders him
    this is strange music.l The feed?
    lift between his legs
    in place hokey pokey
    jump in twizzles 2nd set decent
    high kicks
    'f/w with besti squats
    kind of ragged
    lift around the neck into him in crouch, her in layout
    hydroblade lift they always do
    pair spin good speed in it
    lift with a lot of changes, positions very distinct
    rotational lift
    plain skating
    she lays back holding him
    he cartwheels
    end pose (they didn't fall!)
    Krylova with them in the KnC
    FD 76.48
    Overall 120.95

    Yu and Wang
    Beethoven's last night
    He in in a kind of greek tunic effect with gray paints, and a sash
    and a diagonal strip in blue, silver, black
    raggy ruffles on her sleeves
    lift, pose with angst
    lots of emoting into twizzles y arms on 2nd set, third set
    this is better than their sd
    biellman lift off his foot
    could this moment last forever
    pair spin
    every moment of tomorrow
    screen freeze refresh
    s/l f/w frantic
    they are running out of steam on this rotational lift
    she slides down his front into a lift
    to end
    There are things I like about this program
    new sb
    into 2nd

    Ralph and Hill
    White dress reminiscent of Tessa Virtue but with a very much deeper V
    light brown pants wife beater t shirt white shirt open on hill
    into pair spin
    he pulls her around on the side of her boot
    f/w he stumbles a bit to one side recovers
    rotational lift
    reverse rotational lift
    speed both ways nice
    hop into twizzles 2nd set
    some kind of African sounding music suddenly
    with bongoes
    he has nice smoothing stroking
    steps into his hand pose fall back into another lift pose
    end pose
    Does every program they have have to have bongoes and Arican music?
    They may need a different coach
    fd 71.41
    overall 119.51

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    Faiella & Scali are in 2nd place, behind Bobrova & Soloviev.

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