Colleen, I agree with you about Charlie & his head. And he could take Paul Duchesnay as a great model, for sure.

But one of the things I really like about D&W is that each year they peck away at their weaknesses as well as working and selling their strengths. For example, their arms had been a bit uninteresting, and then they did that Bollywood OD that had some of the most amazing coordinated arm movements I have seen in ice dance.

There were complaints that they weren't doing enough skating in closed holds, and the tango FD has a lot more closed holds than say POTO. I, too, am waiting to see what changes they have made, but I wonder whether 3 weeks is enough time? OTOH, they changed Eleanor Rigby a lot between Skate America and TEB back in 2007/2008.

I can't wait to see.