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Thread: Free Dance Preview and Virtual Program Nov.6 2:00 am

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    Colleen, I agree with you about Charlie & his head. And he could take Paul Duchesnay as a great model, for sure.

    But one of the things I really like about D&W is that each year they peck away at their weaknesses as well as working and selling their strengths. For example, their arms had been a bit uninteresting, and then they did that Bollywood OD that had some of the most amazing coordinated arm movements I have seen in ice dance.

    There were complaints that they weren't doing enough skating in closed holds, and the tango FD has a lot more closed holds than say POTO. I, too, am waiting to see what changes they have made, but I wonder whether 3 weeks is enough time? OTOH, they changed Eleanor Rigby a lot between Skate America and TEB back in 2007/2008.

    I can't wait to see.

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    So much for walkies , now..where was I ? Doris, I too admire the way D/W address their weaknesses , year to year. In fact that's one of the things I most like about the whole Z/S school. I think they're really on the ball in that respect.

    Of course, another model for Charlie ,for expression , would be Max Shabalin. He was their whole CD last year as far as I'm concerned. He was perfectly "Tango". When I think of their CD, any number of images of him spring to mind , while all that comes to mind for her, is that I didn't like the way her costume gaped at the back...And before anyone gets upset , I'm just talking about expression , here.

    Knowing their work ethic, I expect to see something really wonderful from Meryl and Charlie before the season is over, but as you point out, SA may be too soon to see the dance at it's best.

    I do like much about P/B's's refreshing not to have to struggle with figuring out their concept. But he could be a bit more Chaplinesque.( In the costume dept..I like the cut of his in particular..very Chaplin. And their use of red commands attention. However , I hope they don't compensate by giving him a fake moustache ).
    I have some serious doubts as to whether the program will be able to challenge a D/W program technically. There are some nice highlights, but it hasn't wowed me yet.

    I still have to see F/S..even though I know it was a horror story. I want to get a sense of the program. ( I had a disastrous computer freeze as they took the ice, and CBC, the rotters only showed P/B and a brief excerpt of R/H . Boooo!) ...Off to search.
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