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I seriously think that, even if Virtue/Moir were not going there, this FD will not give the World Gold for Davis/White.

I found the whole concept faulty. They don't have chemistry, excitement, a play of flirting behind the virtual fight as any couple who dance a tango should.
They gets bored and the audience get bored too.
It is just simply an attraction.
You cannot see them to want to go together after the dance, the only thing they want to each other is to win. The feeling is not there.
I feel sorry of them, because this couple worth a much better program to show their technique and ability to perform. This "inner dance" is not their coup of tee.
They are not intimidated dancers together, they are simply gorgeous show dancers.

I hope they are going back to Samson and Delilah. That program worths a gold medal, they should get in 2009. It is time to get it now!!
ITA w/all of this. It's such a shame, as they're so much better than what they've been given the last two years, but it's like they got S&D and were on the right track there and after that...To me it's been nothing but a regression of sorts in the FD. They don't do lovey dovey well, but powerful and passionate like S&D is what they need. Would have though Marina and Igor would have figured that out by now.

What a shame too.