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Thread: Pairs - Short Program

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    Some problems for S/S but definitely the best in this field.

    Moore-Towers/Moscovitch- nice energy but I think they were a little overmarked, they need to work on their polish.

    Meh to Denney/Barrett, as much as I love John Zimmerman.
    I enjoyed Zhang/Toth more than the other American pairs, they were lovely to watch.

    Sui/Han - Fun program but a lot of unison problems.. I agree that less busy choreography might serve them better. They need to develop their unison and stroking as one.

    Stolbova/Klimov - I liked their program but it'll be hard for them with five or six Russian pairs ahead of them.

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    Denny and Barrett do have a lot more chemistry this year, but they need polish on almost all the elements. I thought the Japanese pair was underscored despite their very juniorish look and weak skating skills. That program was really tough.

    The russians did nothing for me as did the other American pair. I wish Peter Carutters would just stop talking about their height difference. okay, we all see.

    Moore-Towers/Moscovitch was a lot of fun, i wonder if they can keep it up during the free. She reminds me so much of Caydee Denny.

    S/S were clearly the stars of the show, but they didn't quite skate up to par. Her throw was bigger than Pang and Tong. Amazing that she can land that. I think they could have won on that move alone. Love the program for them but they need more speed at the end there when the music speeds up and just sell it a little more. I don't see the fight in them this year as I did before, I wonder if they do have the motivation anymore.

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    Poor Savchenko and Szolkowy. She looked especially disappointed when they were interviewed on CBC. They're still the best in the field though.

    Like someone else said, Caydee and Kristen MT look so much alike. I was surprised D&B were behind MT&M, actually, although D&B had a weak death spiral and a slooow step sequence (like most of the pairs, it seems).

    I'm underwhelmed by the pairs competitions in general this season. They're making the most mistkaes.

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