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Oda and Takahashi too tired for quads? I know Oda hit a quad in practice but couldn't in competition. I don't know what that is about. Takahashi hit a quad at Japan Open and NHK but gone at Skate America? Mahbanoozadeh is not even up to quads and actually he starts with a 3T as a tactical move because he does a waltz jump first. I think it was a waltz jump. So after THE QUAD IS BACK!! reports no medalist in mens in Skate America does even one. Pfft to the whole competition. Waste of time.
Good analysis. Nobi went for one and FELL. Had he landed it, would it have made him the Winner? I don't know how much he got as 'partial credit'. This is fine for fans who understand the scoring, but for entertainment fans, it's perplexing.

But didn't Dai make more errors elsewhere than Oda? It was an interesting RESULT. Who has the better reputation?

It was vdPerren who made the Quad and it was nice to see he finally got decent scores, but he's never had a reputation. It was Mahbanoozadeh who skated a clean routine with flair but he too, does not have a reputation - maybe this comp he'll begin to have one.

There is still a valid MOD SQUAD with several members, but there is also a good case for using strategy especially for REPUTATION skaters.