With 2 more events to go, I can see some skaters who will make the finals and others are iffy.

Ladies - No doubt about Kostner, Murakami and Flatt.
With 2 more events: Czisny and Ando looking good. Makarova and Suzuki hanging in there, and maybe Leonova. The very iffis: Phaneuf, Korpi, Nagasu. Wagner needs a prayer and a Win.

Men - Takahashi, Oda are definites. Strong possibilities: Kozuka, Abbott, Mroz. Good possibilities: Verner, Amodio. Less but Alive possibilities: Reynolds, Joubert, Hanyu.

Pairs - Definites are Pang/Tong; Moore/Moskovitch; Probables:Illushkina/Maisuradze, Sui/Han. More than Likely: Savchenko/Szolkowy, Bazaranova/Larionov. Hopefuls: Lawrence Schweigers, Takahashi/Tram.

Ice Dance - Definites: Davis/White; Crone/Poirier. Good possibilities: Pechalat/Borzat, Bobrova/Soloviev, Faiella/Scali, Chock/Zurlein. And there are a few others which need a prayer and a win.

Getting to the Finals is tough - a lot of it based on entrants, but here it is right now coming down the wire. For the competition, I am hoping for scores that are comensurate for what shows on the ice, and not for Reputation.