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My predictions for ladies.

Ando wins handily in Russia, Makarova with the home court advantage edges Suzuki for second.

Mao Asada wins TEB, knocking out Nagasu (2nd), Phaneuf and Korpi. Alissa gets third and makes the finals.

Ando 30
Kostner 26 (1&3)
Murakami 26 (1&3)
Czinsy 26 (1&3)
Flatt 26 (2&2) l
Makarova 26 (2&2)
If Ando places second (think home town Makarava, there will be a lot of tie breakers going on. But Kostner is 24 as is Murakami. It's Flatt leading the parade at 26. Only Ando and Czisny can beat her. Will they?
I do agree, your prediction of Ando Kostner Murakami, Czisny, Flatt and Makaraova are either already in the Finals or probably will be.

It looks like the magic number will be 24, and several Ladies can still make that and let the Tiebreakers begin.

(Keeping an eye on Suzuki, Korpi, and Nagasu to usurp the prediction.

The magic number for the boys will be 26 with Dai, Nobi already in the Finals. The four remaining could be Kozuka, Abbott, Mroz, Verner, and maybe Amodio if one of the four has a meltdown.

It's amazing that two Bronze medals in the Men's Division is not enough to get one into the Finals.