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Thread: Ladies - Short Program

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    Good luck to them all in the FS, even if I'm not too sure I'll watch, I'd rather sleep (same as the SPs, I'd rather sleep).

    Here's hoping the last GP comes on at a reasonable time for those like me whom live in the PNW.

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    On Universal Sports, Andrea and Tara repeatedly said Miki was injured and they thought she would withdraw from the competition. They said she decided to compete anyway because she doesn't need to win to advance to the final.
    For that, I say, good job Miki.

    Akiko should get over 60 for that SP. What a shame.
    Thanks goodness her PCS is the highest of the ladies.

    Ashley's 3-3 should be downgraded. It was obvious she was short of rotation. I mean, they called Miki's 3F, which on slow mo, looks questionable, and can go either way depending on the caller.

    In term of GOE, Miki's 3F got a -1 out of 3.7 points. Ashley got -1 out of 9.4 points. That's insane. Her flaw was much more apparent. We need better rules.

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