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    Quote Originally Posted by smia View Post
    Some Russian dance teams are overscored, true, but Russian pairs? See how Iliushechkina/Maisuradze were dumped at Cup of China after winning Skate Canada. Even at Skate Canada they were a bit underscored, getting lower PCS than Moore-Towers/Moscovitch is just fishy. Moore-Towers doesn't even come close to Iliushechkina. Generalizing a bit but Russian pairs tend to have the lines, the elegance and style that happens to be rare in pair skating, that's why they tend to get good scores. Besides some Russian teams, there's Savchenko/Szolkowy and Takahashi/Tran who are very polished but most pairs look a bit sloppy.
    Anyway before you criticise the scoring for Russian pairs perhaps you should look at the scoring for pairs from your own country. Pang/Tong: unextended lift positions, their spins also don't have great positions and unison needs work, and she has wierd posture. And I've also seen it mentioned that their skating is scratchy although I'm not in a position to judge. In any case, they get huge PCS scores as if there's nothing they need to work on. I'm sorry but a great smile is not enough to justify those kinds of presentation scores. Same thing with Shen/Zhao. 2004 Worlds, they botched a lift yet got a stream of 6.0s. At the Olympics they again botched a lift and had poor spins and again got scores as if they'd been perfect.
    First of all, scores in figure skating are RELATIVE. S/Z in 2004 worlds should have gotten 6.0s simply because T/M got a bunch of 5.9 and since S/Z was still better then only 6.0s could be given. Same in the Olympics. Also, perfect in CoP is 10.0 which S/Z haven't received yet (other than from like one judge)

    Secondly, quality of lifts and spins are reflected in the GoE, unless if its a massive fall that would affect the entire performance.

    Lastly, lines and posture does not equal to the entire PCS

    Ever since 6.0 got changed to CoP, lines and extension no longer (at least IMO not supposed to) have the huge importance they do in 6.0. One look in the program component overview and you would notice that line and extension only truly factor in 1/5th of the PC score (in performance/execution) and even then its still only a portion next to emotion, variety in tempo and a bunch of stuff unrelated to lines. I also never knew that "elegance" is now a part of program component...I've always thought that as long as your movements match the program and done at high quality then it would be marked well.

    IMO this is how it should be...its figure skating, not Ice Ballet with jumps (just as it is not "ice jumping"). Theoretically, someone could choose some rock music and skate with horrible lines and should still be able to get decent SS/Transition/Choreo/Interpretation mark if the judges are marking the program objectively. (and not based on pre-determined types of "good" programs).

    Back on topic however, I think G/E was placed right. They did get lower PCs in comparison to E/L, and its was the higher level TES that puts them ahead.
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