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pangtongfan, thanks for your response. Apologies for the error in your name earlier.

bekalc, I'd be interested in a system that promotes risk taking, punishes major errors, acknowledges general overall difficulty, while at the same time promoting the PCS values very much. Too bad I think that's virtually impossible.
I don't think such a system is impossible. There's never going to be a perfect system, but I have a hard time thinking that we can't have a better system than we currently have. To me a better way to reward the quad guys would be to allow the quad guys to either get some kind of bonus for a quad, reward quad combinations, and perhaps to allow guys to repeat 2 quads in the long, and 2 triples in the long. All of these things would have been better than handing people 6 points for falling on a quad...

I don't want a system where one fall takes a skater out, but any skater having a 3 fall cushion is ridiculous.