The judges gave higher scores in SS, TR, CH and IN and equal scores in PE. Was this so problematic?
Well I think part of the problem was Yu-na getting equal scores in P/E with Asada. From what I recalled. Yu-na had two major glaring! errors in her program, and in her last error Yu-na actually took her awhile to get up. It was lackluster on tv and, everyone who saw it live said she was lackluster.

In contrast, while Asada had an underrotated triple axel, it wasn't an obvious error to the naked eye. Asada's entire performance was quite sparkling. I'm frankly not sure who any one could argue that either Yu-na's execution OR her performance equaled Mao's. Asada was LEAGUES better in that area-on that night. Once again saying that Mao performed better than Yu-na on that night does not mean that Yu-na is some horrific skater, or even that Mao is normally the better skater. It just means on that night-Asada performed better. Don't get me wrong I can kind of understand Kim getting higher SS/choregraphy/transition marks. But Asada should have been WAY higher on Performance/Execution. For the judges to say that Asada's performance and Yu-na's performance were equal is frankly a slap in the face to Asada and the audience too. And if we really want to get into the whole mumble jumble of performance and execution doesn't mean performance and execution. I will point out that Mao's posture, lines, carriage has ALWAYS been better than Yu-nas. Mao has her strengths versus Yu-na. And for the record, I normally prefer Yu-na (I guess) or I quite adore Yu-na. So its not about me hating on Yu-na. Its about me hating on a system that somehow argues that the actual performance a skater puts out some how doesn't matter.
And its becoming clear to me the performance doesn't matter.

And I want to point out to part of the problem I had with what went down in Skate Canada, was the feeling that not only was Patrick Chan OVERSCORED, but that Oda and Adam Rippon were UNDERSCORED[/B]. For example at Skate America, Oda's PCS were about 5 points higher in the long program, than what he got at Skate Canada. And Oda was better at Skate Canada in the long than he was at Skate America. I actually thought Oda's pcs were too high at Skate America, as was Daisuke's but the overall gap between both, felt about right. (six points felt about right) [B]and notice Daisuke wasn't given a 10 point cushion over Oda in the long.

I can live with people being overscored, if its clear the judges are overscoring everyone. But when the judges are being overly generous for one, while being stingy for others, I'm sorry I call foul.